El Nutritaco is own and operated in both the Alberta arts district and Woodstock lents neighborhood. Nothing is more important to us that our clients, we thrive in making them happy and feel in a place were they can be comfortable. El Nutritaco started in March 2008 in Woodstock, when we first opened, we were very happy but at the same time we had no idea how to start. We didn't have a menu, or clients. 

We started by selling $5 a day, and little by little El Nutritaco started to grow. Three years after Woodstock we opened the Alberta location, it has been a great experience and we love to serve our clients with our extensive variety of vegetarian and meat foods without loosing the authentic Mexican flavor. 

All of our dishes are made with 100% natural ingredients. So if your are around and would like to try some of our delicious food, stop by the Alberta or Woodstock location.



We strive to be the best Mexican Restaurant in Portland. all the while giving personal attention to each of our customers.
We are a family owned business dedicated to serve our community with the best Mexican dishes in the area. Give us a call today for more information.